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What Goes Around

Frames are the Cinderellas of the art world; they do a tremendous amount of work….
— Emma Crichton-Miller

Earning their stripes as the “Cinderellas of Outdoor”, ARTDOOR Media commissioned a structure designed to leverage the increasing prominence of the smartphone as the most used device.  The design includes a perimeter frame that works to draw attention to the encased ad content, much like frames are used in the fine arts.

Our Story So Far

The Humble Beginnings of a Billboard Company

It’s a story that begins with a partially constructed abandoned billboard that was not visible from any roadway…lots of red tape and roadblocks… too many naysayers to count… and a very grateful risk taker who found support in some of the most unlikely of places.
Before image of billboard in Philadelphia

A Thousand Words

Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.
— Bill Bernbach, Advertising Pioneer & Founder, DDB

In addition to out of home’s unique storytelling through micro content, ARTDOOR has launched a new way of storytelling through the arts.  Dedicating digital inventory to an “ART FLIP” offers corporate sponsors a unique way to add value to their communities by increasing art awareness and supporting local art.  Co-brand with art related content for a unique way to promote public relations and complement other advertising campaigns.

What’s Your Long Story Short?

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